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Media: Russian Nuclear Tu-22M3s Under Attack At Akhtubinsk Airbase

Media: Russian Nuclear Tu-22M3s Under Attack At Akhtubinsk Airbase

The aircraft were planned to be involved in the exercises.

On June 11, the Russians, on Putin's orders, began the second stage of the “non-strategic nuclear forces” exercises. From the photos published by the Russian Defense Ministry, it became clear that they were being held at the Akhtubinsk airfield, Channel 24 reports.

It was this airfield that Ukrainian drones recently attacked, as a result of which two Su-57 fighters were hit. It is likely that during this attack, Tu-22M3s could have been at Akhtubinsk, which the enemy planned to involve in the exercises.

Exercises at Akhtubinsk

On June 11, the Russian Defense Ministry announced the start of the second stage of the “non-strategic nuclear exercises”. The enemy structure accompanied its message with video footage reminiscent of the first stage, during which the Russians deployed Iskander positions with ballistic and cruise missiles and conducted demonstration flights of MiG-31K aircraft with Kinzhal missiles and Tu-22M3 aircraft with Kh-22 missiles.

An important nuance is that the site for the first stage of the exercises was the Akhtubinsk airbase, which was recently hit by drones. Radio Svoboda observer Mark Krutov claims that the footage published by the Russian Defense Ministry indicates that the second stage is also taking place at the same airfield.

Therefore, it is quite possible to assume that the strike on Akhtubinsk on June 8 had an additional goal — to specifically hint to the Russians that holding a new stage of nuclear force maneuvers at this airbase could end with a new “bavovna”.

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