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Terrible Road Accident On M5 Highway

Terrible Road Accident On M5 Highway

The road is closed.

A reader of onliner.by reported that a terrible accident occurred on the M5 highway near Maryina Horka. A truck crashed into a bridge support.

“Exit to Minsk, serious accident,” wrote one of the participants of the “Roads of Pukhaushchyna” chat. “There is no way through. They said that the road will be closed until lunchtime.”

“The accident occurred, presumably, at 9:10 am,” the reader reported. “I did not see the victim. Perhaps he is already covered with a blanket.”

There are several Emergencies Ministry vehicles at the scene. Medics are working together with the rescuers.

“This is horrendous,” an eyewitness commented on what she saw. “There is no driver.”

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