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China Put Forward Another Ultimatum to Russia

China Put Forward Another Ultimatum to Russia

Moscow is forced to obey.

China has put forward another ultimatum of the Russian Federation related to the timber industry.

China refused to buy Russian pellets until the resumption of exports of unprocessed wood. This situation puts Russia in a difficult position, since after the closure of the European market due to sanctions, China remained almost the only major buyer of Russian timber. This allows China to dictate its terms.

Beijing also demands to reduce gas prices to the domestic Russian level, complicating deliveries and payments through its banks. The growth of China's demands testifies to its growing influence on the Russian economy and Moscow's increasing dependence on Beijing.

The Russian authorities are forced to make concessions due to the lack of alternative markets. After the loss of Western markets, Russia depends on China not only as a buyer, but also as a supplier of goods, in particular, for the defence industry.

China uses this dependence to strengthen its influence and dictate favorable conditions for itself.

The situation indicates a serious change in the balance of power between Russia and China. If earlier the Russian Federation could afford to set its own rules of the game, now it is forced to obey the requirements of its "partner", which begins to actively use its influence.

Andriy Kovalenko, Telegram

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