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'Several Sections Of The Crimean Bridge Will Fall Into The Sea'

'Several Sections Of The Crimean Bridge Will Fall Into The Sea'

Colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine told how it is possible to attack a key object for the Russians.

Ukrainian intelligence attacked the Russian Tunets boats that guarded the Crimean Bridge. The sea drones Mahura V5 damaged the boats of the invaders near the village of Chornomorske, Yevpatoria district.

Was it a complicated operation? The Charter97.org website asked Petro Chernik, a Ukrainian military analyst and reserve colonel of the Armed Forces of Ukraine:

— That was an routine operation, there was nothing special about it. The escorts ships were attacked not battle ones. Up to 10 paratroopers with appropriate small arms could take part in the operation. Such weapons can be used to knock out these marine systems.

This is a matter of prestige: Ukraine, which does not have a fleet, is dealing serious and painful blows to the Black Sea Fleet of the Russian Federation. But even if the last "tin can" of the Russian fleet in the Azov and Black Seas sinks, we understand that the outcome of the war will still be decided on land.

It is necessary to undermine the image of the Russian state as a "great maritime power". This will have serious consequences in terms of the same purchase of weapons from the Russians. For example, the Indians at one time developed a project of small missile ships together with the Russians. I have no doubt that now they will definitely revise it. In the strategic perspective, this will reduce foreign exchange earnings in the Russian Federation.

Let me add that this is a good place for such operations to test unmanned weapons. But we remember that it is very difficult to attack the Crimean Bridge, since there are defense booms — tanks across the entire isthmus in the junction of the Black and Azov Seas, as well as underwater and surface grids. But we are to try. In general, this is routine combat work.

— How vulnerable is the security of the Crimean Bridge now?

— From the point of view of anti-aircraft missile cover, the Crimean Bridge is the densest on Earth, it is better protected than Moscow. It should and can be beaten, but only with a huge number of missiles: 50-60 ATACMS, 30-40 Storm Shadow, at least 50 drones that will take on air defense.

It needs to be damaged with a guarantee that several sections of a few hundred meters fall into the water. Then they won't be able to repair it. Take aim at all barges that will move for repairs.

But such an operation is possible only when the reserves of the ATACMS missiles will be several hundred. Now we are talking about dozens.

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