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Newest Ukrainian ‘Hetman Ivan Mazepa’ Corvette Starts First Testing

Newest Ukrainian ‘Hetman Ivan Mazepa’ Corvette Starts First Testing

It became known what the ship is armed with.

The newest Ukrainian ‘Hetman Ivan Mazepa’ corvette (F-211) has left the Turkish shipyard RMK Marine for the first sea trials.

The pictures were published by Turkish maritime observer en_balci on social media. The images show that the ship is armed with a 76-millimetre Super Rapid shipboard artillery system manufactured by Italian company OTO Melara. Also the open cover of the VL MICA naval surface-to-air missile system can be seen on the ship's bow.

A marine version of the Turkish 35mm Korkut anti-aircraft system from Aselsan is mounted above the helicopter hangar. The 12.7mm STAMP remote-controlled launchers are the other company's products on board the corvette, mounted on the port and starboard sides of the corvette.

The Thales Sting EO MK2 radar fire control system, a satellite communications system from Aselsan, the ARES-2N electronic warfare system and the Mk 36 SRBOC dipole jamming system, typical of Ada project ships, can also be seen.

The ‘Hetman Ivan Mazepa’ corvette is fitted with the ALPER tactical navigation radar, and the SMART-S MK2 3D radar is installed to detect air targets.

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