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Powerful Explosion Heard In Occupied Donetsk

Powerful Explosion Heard In Occupied Donetsk

The base of the military of the Russian Federation was destroyed.

There was a powerful explosion on May 29 in temporarily occupied Donetsk. This is reported by ‘News of Donbass’.

As a result of the fly-in, which occurred at the intersection of Kyiv Avenue and Polygraphicheskaya Street, a building of ‘Donbassproject’ in Kyiv district, where the occupants were based, was destroyed.

‘Imagine how many military men were there,’ says a woman in one of the videos shared online, driving past the destroyed building, which probably housed Russian military personnel.

‘They hit it with precision,’ her husband replies to her.

‘It was HIMARS,’ the Donetsk resident determined, noting that there are ‘people lying around’ near the site of the explosion.

At the same time, ‘News of Donbass’ noticed that the administrator of the local pro-Russian group refused to post a video from the site of the strike. Usually, they note there, this kind of thing happens when a Russian military facility is hit.

Propaganda local channels meanwhile write that ‘there are casualties.’

However, there is still no official information from the occupation authorities and the Ukrainian Armed Forces.

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