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Ukraine Gives Its Answer To Putin

Ukraine Gives Its Answer To Putin

Kyiv has found another point where it can inflict strategic damage.

The Ukrainian Defence Intelligence (GUR) confirmed that their drone attacked an over-the-horizon radar station in Orsk. This is about 1,800 km from the Ukrainian borders, which is a new record for the range of Kyiv's strikes on the Russian Federation.

However, range is not the most important thing here. It seems that Ukraine has found another point where it can inflict strategic damage to Russia on its own. The first was oil refining, successfully undermined by regular UAV strikes in different regions of the Russian Federation.

This is the second strike on Russian radars in recent days. The first target was a station near the city of Armavir. These stations are part of the Russian missile attack warning system, which is designed to inform about the beginning of missile attacks on the territory of Russia. If one of these stations is disabled, Moscow loses its "eyes" in the whole sector of the globe, from where launches can be imperceptibly made.

Putin's escalation with nuclear threats is getting a decent response from Kyiv. Moreover, the answer is quite independent, because the West does not provide Ukraine with weapons of this range and continues to prohibit the use of even what it decided to share on the territory of the Russian Federation. While the leaders of the West are swaying, it remains only to admire the ability of Ukrainians to find non-trivial solutions.

Leonid Nevzlin, Telegram

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