23 June 2024, Sunday, 3:37
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Ukrainian Drones Attack Oil Depot In Orel Region

Ukrainian Drones Attack Oil Depot In Orel Region

A fire started.

Andrei Klychkov, governor of Orel region of the Russian Federation, has claimed an overnight drone attack - in the town of Livny, two UAVs crashed into the territory of an oil depot.

Local residents also reported a fire at the Livny oil depot.

The official also said that the driver of the fire service died at the scene. Three more employees of the services were injured.

The ASTRA Telegram channel published an alleged photo of a fuel filling station in the town of Livny in Orel region after the UAV attack.

It is noted that the station is located in Frunze Street, in close proximity to the Livny oil depot.

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