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ATACMS Missiles Destroyed FSB Communications Center In Crimea

ATACMS Missiles Destroyed FSB Communications Center In Crimea

Satellite photos of the impact consequences appeared.

Satellite images have appeared online showing the consequences of the Ukrainian strike on the communication center of the Russian FSB near the village of Semidvorye near Alushta.

This is reported by the project Schemes of the publication Radio Liberty, at the disposal of which were satellite images.

The published photos show the military base #28735, on the territory of which several buildings have been seriously damaged.

Buildings were used to house appropriate signal processing equipment and space communication antenna settings.

In addition, the Atesh resistance movement reported that three soldiers died as a result of this strike.

Let us recall that the strike was carried out on the territory of the military base on May 23, 2024.

Then the Crimean Wind Telegram channel claimed that at least six ATACMS missiles hit the communications center of the Russian army.

According to the information received, the antennas from the communication structure could be affected, but no damage to the antennas is noticeable on satellite images.

It is not yet known how the damage will affect the operability of the complex, but we can state the fact that their functioning is already limited.

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