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Political Scientist: Saboteurs In Poland Pursue Two Goals

Political Scientist: Saboteurs In Poland Pursue Two Goals

Arrests of Russian agents are the links in one big chain.

Suspects of sabotage cases have been arrested in Poland. There are Belarusians among them. What is the reason for such activation of the special services of Russia and Belarus in this country?

Charter97.org talked about this with Belarusian political scientist Anatoly Kotou:

— Not only in Poland fights against saboteurs, also in other EU countries too. There were warnings from various authorities that sabotage was possible on the territory of the EU: Germany and France.

This is all somehow linked to the assistance that EU countries provide to Ukraine in repelling the Russian aggression. What is happening in Poland is just one of the links in this great chain.

— Is this the work of Russian special services or does the KGB also bear hand in such operations?

— In this particular case, most likely, this is exclusively Russian work. After all, the Belarusian regime is trying to somehow distance itself from things that will provoke an escalation in relations with NATO. They still have everything in the mode of repelling of some "attacks" and "victories" on the TV.

But, unfortunately, citizens not only with Russian passports but also Belarusians easily fall into these networks.

— Could the increased work of saboteurs, agents on the territory of Poland be associated with the preparation of large provocations, as the Western media told in winter earlier — possible military actions against Poland and the Baltic states?

— I think that after all, there is still a long way to go for some full-scale military actions against the Baltic states. But sabotage work is carried out with two goals. First, to show that Russia has a long reach, there is still an opportunity to do something on the territory of foreign countries. Second, to influence public opinion.

I think that a sufficiently large number of potential ordinary performers can be located in the EU since there was a large wave of migration. Unfortunately, many people have problems with the legalization of their status and employment. Therefore, there are quite a lot of people who want to make money quickly.

This means that the work on prevention of consequences should be carried out in two directions. The first is to counteract the work of the Russian special services and to some extent the Belarusian ones. In my opinion, the Belarusian special services are now more observing, collecting and supplying some information.

Second: clear, simple and transparent procedures for those who come here to verify them for a potential threat, as well as to make life as easy as possible for people who leave Belarus whatever the reason.

In order for Belarusians to be included in legal work faster and receive serious immunity from involvement in all sorts of adventures. Security services are one thing, but there is also domestic crime.

Quick and clear legalization is important so that people do not wait for 1.5-2 years for primary documents, as in some voivodeships of Poland.

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