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Important Goods Will Soon Disappear From Belarusian Stores

Important Goods Will Soon Disappear From Belarusian Stores

What's better to buy for the future?

Officials figured out how to hit the so-called "unfriendly" countries: the list of goods prohibited for import and sale was supplemented with many items. Household chemicals and cosmetics are among them. First of all, the restrictions will affect popular world brands that were supplied to us by Polish factories. The zerkalo.io website told which products and which brands could cause problems.

Some brands may almost completely disappear from stores

The government has expanded the list of goods that importers are prohibited from importing into our country, and trade is prohibited from putting up for sale in their stores. Among them are many types of cosmetics and household chemicals. Moreover, the new restrictions apply only to some "unfriendly" countries — Latvia, Lithuania, Poland, the Czech Republic, Estonia. Minsk was confused that these states were adopting sanctions against Belarus. Recall that they are doing this in relation to the Belarusian regime for repression, human rights violations and the promotion of Russian military aggression.

In the case of sanctions, Belarusian companies and consumers often suffer as well. The same applies to the new embargo. Due to the current decision of the government, it will become more difficult for Belarusians to find many popular cosmetic products. In some cases, we can actually talk about the complete disappearance of brands from neighboring countries. For example, Belarusians will not be able to buy many products of Polish cosmetics Ziaja. The same applies to some of the products of Eveline Сosmetics and Bielenda brands popular among Belarusians, because they are also Polish.

What cosmetics should become less on store shelves

As for cosmetics, there are enough goods on store shelves that were imported from Poland. The current government restrictions will affect buyers of Dove shampoo.

Popular men's deodorants Old spice and Gillette, produced at factories in Poland, were also banned. The same story with many well-known shaving products — creams, balms, foams.

Means for depilation of the Polish brand Eveline Cosmetics were often brought to us. They were also banned.

For a while, there may be interruptions with Colgate toothpaste supplies, because it was also often imported from Polish enterprises.

It is better now to stock up on Kolastyna sunscreens — they were also brought to Belarus from neighboring Poland. But after the ban, Spanish and German goods of the same action will be sold.

What is the situation with household chemicals?

As follows from the government decree, a ban is also introduced on the import of detergents into our country, which are produced at factories in Latvia, Lithuania, the Czech Republic, Estonia. As can be seen from the online versions of stores, most often such household chemicals enter the Belarusian market from Russia, less often they are imported from Western countries. So many buyers may not notice the ban on this item.

Can importers replace Polish cosmetics, for example, with German ones?

In theory, they can. Although Germany is on the list of "unfriendly" countries, you can bring cosmetics and household chemicals from there.

In this situation, importers of these goods have the opportunity to change for Germany, for example. Therefore, cosmetic products and household chemicals of well-known world brands should not completely disappear from Belarusian stores. For example, Pantene shampoo will be brought not from Poland, but, for example, from Germany (in addition to supplies from Russia). But in this case, its price is likely to be higher. One of the reasons is that it will take longer and more complicated logistics, which should be more expensive for importers and, as a result, will affect the price for Belarusian consumers.

Why Russian suppliers are most likely to benefit

There is, of course, an alternative among Belarusian manufacturers for many positions of cosmetics. However, it will clearly not be possible to replace only the vanished Western goods with domestic ones. Most likely, their active place will be occupied by Russian cosmetics and household chemicals, where still enough world brands produce it.

It turns out that neither the population nor domestic producers will benefit from such a decision of the government. In fact, officials simply facilitated the conditions of competition in our market for Russians.

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