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Doctor: Lukashenka May Need A Wheelchair

Doctor: Lukashenka May Need A Wheelchair

Even staged movements can harm his health.

The video footage published by the Azerbaijani media shows how difficult it was for Lukashenka to walk during a trip to Ilham Aliyev. Charter97.orgasked a doctor, on condition of anonymity, to comment on the state of health of the Belarusian dictator:

— It is difficult to talk about anything because there are no official diagnoses. We can say for sure that there are big locomotorium problems, the knee joint is apparently destroyed. I do not exclude that there are problems with the spine. This can cause pain, unpleasant moments that can be seen in the photo.

There are a lot of age-related troubles, but apparently, a person does not understand how old he is. Hockey, chopping firewood are not activities for a pensioner.

— There is clearly a question of propaganda. I do not think that he is able to fully chop wood and play hockey.

— At this age, any sudden body movements can be harmful. Even staged ones. In his case, you need high-quality physiotherapy under the supervision of specialists, rest, a blanket and warm tea. The second point is nervous exhaustion. A person is constantly under pressure. And all these tremors. Nervous work.

– What are the consequences?

— Even a wheelchair. Today's medicine, of course, works wonders. Any joint can be replaced, but if a person is trying to do more the the one capable of, doing the opposite, then the consequences for the patient can be very different.

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