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Austin: US Speeds Up Delivery Of Aid To Ukraine That Will Make Difference In Fight

Austin: US Speeds Up Delivery Of Aid To Ukraine That Will Make Difference In Fight

“Week after week” there will be a constant flow of military aid.

Pentagon chief Lloyd Austin said a steady flow of American military and security assistance would be coming to Ukraine “week after week.”

He stated this during the opening of the meeting in the Ramstein format.

According to the US Minister of Defense, the United States remains determined to get Ukraine the support that it needs.

“We are again delivering urgently needed assistance to Ukraine. And the security assistance that we are now rushing to Ukraine will make a real difference in this fight,” Austin underlined.

According to him, that includes 155-millimeter artillery rounds and ammunition for HIMARS. It includes air-defense capabilities and anti-armor systems which come from a billion-dollar drawdown from our stocks after President Biden signed the national-security supplemental last month.

Austin noted that with the US Congress approving approximately $61 billion in additional aid, the United States will continue to approve significant security-related aid packages for Ukraine.

“You'll see a steady flow of US assistance to Ukraine week after week,” the Head of the Pentagon underlined.

The US Defense Minister also said that President Biden announced an additional package worth $400 million earlier this month. And that will help Ukraine defend Kharkiv and other frontline areas under renewed Russian threat.

Alongside with that, Austin said the Kremlin continued to intensify its bombardment of Ukraine using Russian missiles and Iranian drones.

“So air defense will be high on our agenda today. And I'll be urging all of our valued allies and partners to reassess their ability to get Ukraine the air-defense capabilities that it so urgently needs,” Austin stressed.

He also assured that the Ramstein format will continue to work on developing Ukraine’s security for the long term.

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