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Russian Military Drop Aerial Bombs On Belgorod Region Again

Russian Military Drop Aerial Bombs On Belgorod Region Again

Three of them hit Shebekino at once.

Russian shells intended for attacks on Ukraine continue to fall on the territory of the Belgorod region. Thus, it became known that the Russian military dropped 4 “friendly” aerial bombs on Shebekino and the surrounding area, Astra reports.

Last Friday, May 17, three FAB-500s were found in Shebekino, which Russian would-be pilots accidentally dropped on their own controlled territory. It is reported that one dangerous ammunition was found near a private residential building on Rzhevskoye Highway. They write that no one was hurt, but the ammo has still not been removed or disposed of.

Russian soldiers dropped another ammunition (FAB-250) in the village of Batratskaya Dacha in the suburbs of Shebekino. They write that they managed to defuse this bomb soon, unlike the previous one.

It is also reported that FAB-500 was found on Mashinostroiteley Street in Shebekino on the same day. As a result of its detonation, the facade of one of the houses, as well as the fence and windows, were damaged.

It is worth noting that the head of the district, Vladimir Zhdanov, confirmed that an explosive object fell into the yard of local residents, but the Kremlin’s protege in the region refused to say what kind of ammunition it was.

By the way, according to independent media estimates, in the last 3 months alone, the Russian Armed Forces dropped about fifty aircraft shells on the territories under their control.

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