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Russian Empire Will Inevitably Collapse

Russian Empire Will Inevitably Collapse

The USSR's history repeats itself.

While there are those in the West who would like to hold the Russian Empire from collapse, Putin and his henchmen regularly make it clear that they fear the collapse of the Russian Federation. Their regular speeches show it and it's seen from their actions.

Instead of believing that it is better to preserve the Russian Federation for global security, Western partners should work on how to act when the Russian Empire falls.

The mission of Ukrainian politicians, experts and activists to prove to the free world that the Russian Empire must cease to exist, cannot and will not be able to exist.

The Russian Empire must cease to exist, because the indigenous enslaved peoples on the territory of the Russian Federation are under double discrimination: on the part of Moscow and the international community. On the part of the international community, because the world, in the second half of the twentieth century, recognized the right of dozens of former European colonies to independence, it does not recognize the same right to freedom for the indigenous still enslaved peoples of the Russian Empire. These peoples deserve the same chance and international support for this process for the sake of equal rights.

The Russian Empire can not exist in the future, because if it comes out of this war as a whole, it will certainly lead to both the strengthening of the internal repressive regime and the growth of aggression outside. The ideologists of the Moscow empire do not hide the fact that in order to preserve itself, it must be mobilized internally through a constant aggressive foreign policy. That is, the Russian Empire will remain the largest generator of international tension, which will push the world to new conflicts and wars.

The Russian Empire will not be able to exist for a long time, because it will repeat the fate of the same artificially assembled predecessor – the USSR. The USSR unexpectedly fell for many in the West, although it had a much larger resource base than today's Russia. This is the first. Secondly, globalization works against an empire that is extremely dependent on the outside world and in favor of indigenous peoples enslaved by it. The Soviet Union and its population could be detached from others and minimally dependent on contacts with them. Modern Russia will not be able to afford this because of the huge number of dependencies. In Soviet times, there were no such means of mass communication as there are now. Information is transmitted faster and more seamlessly. All this means a great vulnerability of the empire. Thirdly, the state machine of the Union was much more disciplined and much less corrupt. To support the regime today, Moscow is forced to share the monopoly on violence with local elites much more than it did under the Union. Otherwise, it will not be able to work in a super-corrupt state. Such opportunities for local princes lay the foundation for disintegration in the future.

This is just a general rationale reason for why the Russian Empire will collapse. Its construction includes hundreds of ethnic, religious, social, economic, infrastructural, and regional contradictions, which have so far been deactivated only thanks to the violence and arbitrariness of the ruling regime. Everything that rests on hard coercion is doomed to collapse.

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