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Russia Could Lose Last Cruise Missile Carrier In Crimea

Russia Could Lose Last Cruise Missile Carrier In Crimea

The entire personnel of the vessel could have been hit.

The head of the Joint Coordination Press Centre of the Defence Forces of Southern Ukraine, Dmytro Pletenchuk, said that there is a possibility that the invaders have lost their last cruise missile carrier in Crimea. We are talking about the Cyclone small missile ship.

He said this on the air of the TV marathon, answering the question about what the Russian Black Sea Fleet lost in the port of Sevastopol - what was hit there, unian.net paid attention to.

"The entire personnel was probably hit. They are very affected now... We are verifying the rest of the information as of now. But of course, there is this possibility that the Black Sea Fleet in Crimea lost the last cruise missile carrier," Pletenchuk said.

He stressed that this information had not yet been confirmed, so it was necessary to wait for official data.

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