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Iranian Media Report President Raisi's Death

Iranian Media Report President Raisi's Death

High-ranking officials were also on board.

Iranian President Ibrahim Raisi died along with all those on board the helicopter. This is reported by Mehr.

Apart from Raisi, the passengers of the helicopter were Foreign Minister Hosein Amir Abdollahian, Governor of Iran's East Azerbaijan Province Malik Rahmeti and Ayatollah of Tabriz Province Ali Hashim.

Tasnimnews reports that attempts to identify the bodies of all the victims of the helicopter crash carrying the Iranian president continue.

"Unfortunately, none of the passengers of this helicopter have been found to have any vital indicators and signs indicate that all of them have died," the report said.

The Raisi helicopter "made a hard landing" in north-eastern Iran in the afternoon of May 19. It was returning from the Hoda Afarin region in northwestern Iran after the dam on the common border with Azerbaijan was opened.

Earlier, the news about the rescue of the Iranian president in the crash was removed from the source website.

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