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Producer Of ‘Aquarium,’ ‘Kino’ Andrey Tropillo Dies

Producer Of ‘Aquarium,’ ‘Kino’ Andrey Tropillo Dies

He was called the first producer of the Soviet Union.

Soviet and Russian sound producer, music publisher Andrey Tropillo died at the 74th year of life. According to ‘Fontanka’, Tropillo died on Saturday night, but his colleagues learned about it only on May 1.

The daughter of the sound engineer Polina Tropillo told the SHOT Telegram channel that she was informed about her father's death by neighbours. The cause of death is still unknown, it will be established by forensic examination.

Tropillo lived in Finland for the last two years. In a conversation with TASS, Polina Tropillo said that a farewell and funeral in Russia is hardly possible ‘under the given political circumstances.’ According to her, the sound engineer will most likely be buried in Finland.

Andrey Tropillo was born in Leningrad in 1951. He was called the first producer of the Soviet Union. He was the creator of the unofficial label AnTrop, which produced albums by Mashina Vremeni, Aquarium, Kino, Alisa and other iconic Russian rock bands. Tropillo worked as the sound engineer of the records and recorded some of the instrumental parts. He also organised rock concerts in Leningrad.

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