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Alfred Koch: Belarus Can Be De-Occupied In ‘Three Clicks’

Alfred Koch: Belarus Can Be De-Occupied In ‘Three Clicks’

Lukashenko has no army.

The Free Russia Forum held an international conference “Anti-Putin coalition. Conditions for victory and liquidation of the Putin regime”. The conference took place on May 14.

On the sidelines of the event, a correspondent for the website Charter97.org asked questions to the former Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Federation, member of the Council of the Free Russia Forum Alfred Koch.

— You write a lot about attacks by Ukrainian drones on Russian refineries. At what point will such attacks cause the greatest damage to the Russian economy?

— If we continue at the same pace as it was at the beginning, when Russia was losing 5% of refining per month, then somewhere at the level of 30-40% it will be very sensitive. Such attacks on oil refineries could greatly complicate Russia's military operations.

— Russia is making up for the gasoline shortage at the expense of Belarusian refineries. What will Ukraine's response be?

— They also can be targeted. Belarus is the same aggressor as Russia. Read the UN decision on what grounds a country is considered an aggressor. There, a sign of military aggression is the provision of territory for an attack.

— How will Lukashenka react to such attacks?

— Lukashenka will not react in anyhow. He doesn’t have an army. The Russians have removed all the ammunition from the depots. There are troops but they have nothing to shoot with. Therefore, Ukraine could de-occupy Belarus, as they say, “in three snap”. I don't know why it hasn't done this yet.

After all, this greatly improves the situation. Instead of standing on the Belarusian-Ukrainian border, wouldn’t it be better to stand on the Russian-Belarusian border? Go to Smolensk, and the Russians will have to transfer their troops to this border. Where can we get them from? We'll have to transfer them from the Ukrainian front. Without spending anything (after all, Ukraine is already forced to keep troops on the border with Belarus), they can force the Russians to transfer troops.

By the way, the issue of the Suwalki corridor would also be closed.

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