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Poland And Lithuania Began Military Exercises In Suwalki Corridor

Poland And Lithuania Began Military Exercises In Suwalki Corridor

It became known which scenario was being worked out.

On Sunday, April 21, Lithuania and Poland began joint tactical exercises Narsus Grifonas 24/II ("Brave Griffin 24/II"). As part of these exercises, the military will work out defensive scenarios in the Suwalki corridor.

LRT reported.

It is noted that the military from the United States and Portugal will also take part in these training sessions. The exercises will last until April 25.

According to the publication, in parallel with the Narsus Grifonas 24/II, the Sword Strike exercise organized by the United States army is taking place in Lithuania.

The Suwalki Corridor is a 100-kilometer border section between Lithuania and Poland, bordering the Kaliningrad region of Russia in the west and Belarus in the east.

At the end of September, Belarusian dictator Aliaksandr Lukashenka discussed with his military a possible attack on the Suwalki Corridor. In a conversation with the Belarusian military, the dictator said that Lithuania and Poland should not "behave this way" and "speak about the Suwalki Corridor".

NATO considers the Suwalki Corridor to be the most likely target in the event of Russian aggression against the NATO member states.

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