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FT: Blinken Pays Visit To China With ‘Clear Warning’

FT: Blinken Pays Visit To China With ‘Clear Warning’

Due to the supply of dual-use technologies to the Russian Federation.

The US is ready to impose sanctions if Beijing continues to supply dual-use technologies to Russia — US Secretary of State Anthony Blinken is going to personally warn Chinese officials about this, the BBC writes, citing the FT.

Blinken's visit to China will take place on April 24-26. According to media reports, the Secretary of State will have to report that the United States and its allies are becoming increasingly intolerant of the support of the Russian military machine by Beijing, which supplies Russia with everything from chips to engines for cruise missiles.

Blinken does not plan to disclose what measures the United States will take, the FT writes. However, according to sources of the publication, Washington is considering the possibility of imposing sanctions against Chinese financial institutions and other organizations.

One FT sources said Blinken's current message would be “the clearest warning the US has ever given directly to Chinese officials.”

US Deputy Secretary of State Kurt Campbell explained that the United States and its allies believe that China is undermining European security by supplying Russia with dual-use technologies and at the same time trying to develop closer economic and political ties with Europe.

Campbell said the US was “very open” about its concerns and Blinken would raise the issue with Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi.

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