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US Congress Decision Is Turning Point in Russian-Ukrainian War

US Congress Decision Is Turning Point in Russian-Ukrainian War

ISW analysts estimated the resumption of assistance from the US.

The restoration of financial and military aid to Ukraine from the United States will be a critical and turning point in the Russian-Ukrainian war. This is stated in the report of the American Institute for the Study of War (ISW) dated April 20, 2024.

“The likely restoration of security to U.S. assistance to Ukraine is a critical turning point in the war in Ukraine, but the Kremlin, the West, and Ukraine still need to make additional decisions that will determine the nature and outcome of the fighting,” the report reads.

Analysts said that the Kremlin still retains the ability to further mobilize the economy and the population to destroy Ukrainian statehood and identity. Russia can resort to decisions that are unpopular within the country, if it considers them necessary.

Ukraine instead faces ongoing challenges related to the formation and support of the armed forces and the defence industry.

“The United States and its Western allies must provide Ukraine with regular and consistent assistance, as well as timely and effective delivery of new critical systems to the Ukrainian armed forces, so that Western security assistance has an operationally meaningful effect,” the ISW noted.

In recent months, due to uncertainty about the resumption of American assistance to Ukraine, ISW has considered a very wide range of forecasts — from the most favourable to the most dangerous possible consequences.

“ISW is likely to narrow this range in the coming months as the implications of Western security assistance to Ukraine become clearer and the Kremlin decides how to respond,” the report reads.

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