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Pentagon Indicates Dates For Sending Weapons To Ukraine Under New Aid

Pentagon Indicates Dates For Sending Weapons To Ukraine Under New Aid

The US military is ready.

The Pentagon will take less than a week to deliver the first part of the military aid from the United States to the Ukrainian fighters. Now they are waiting only for a vote in the Senate, which next week should approve the decision of the House of Representatives.

The Washington Post reported, citing representatives of the Ministry of Defence and the US State Department.

Although there is still a vote in the Senate ahead, officials do not expect surprises, they are confident that the relevant bills will be adopted.

According to Pentagon officials, at least part of the military aid for Ukraine is ready to be sent.

Although Gen. Patrick S. Ryder, the Department of Defense Press Secretary, declined to comment, the publication suggests that air defence systems and ammunition will be sent to Ukraine first, because it is the need for air defence that the President of Ukraine has recently spoken about.

Ammunition for artillery, "including 155-mm shells, and ammunition for medium-range rocket artillery" are also ready to be sent to Ukraine.

Recall that on April 20, the House of Representatives of the US Congress held a vote on further assistance to Ukraine and supported the relevant bill.

The document provides for funding of $60.8 billion to help Ukraine.

After the vote in the House of Representatives, the bill has yet to pass the Senate (two votes, they are scheduled for April 23). After that, it will be sent for approval of US President Joe Biden.

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