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Johnson Makes New Statement On Aid To Ukraine Just Hours Before Historic Vote In Congress

Johnson Makes New Statement On Aid To Ukraine Just Hours Before Historic Vote In Congress

The politician spoke about a “better solution.”

Chairman of the lower house of the US Congress Mike Johnson, hours before the decisive vote on bills to help allies, including Ukraine, assessed these documents.

The speaker believes that this is “the best product that can be obtained under these circumstances”.

He made this statement in a short commentary for the media on Capitol Hill, European Pravda reports.

Johnson called the Senate's earlier bill, which would have bundled aid to allies into one package, an “unlimited foreign aid check” and said splitting the package into separate bills was a “better process”.

According to the speaker, every legislator has the opportunity to vote in accordance with their will and the will of their electorate.

Commenting on the new bills, the Chairman of the House of Representatives noted that they include the use of assets of corrupt Russian oligarchs in favor of Ukraine, as well as the allocation of the financial part of the assistance to Kyiv as a loan.

Johnson admitted that the proposed legislation is not ideal compared to what he believes could be done if Republicans led both houses of Congress and the White House, but in his opinion it is “the best that can be obtained in the current conditions."

It is important to note that on Friday the House of Representatives of the US Congress voted to open debate on the mentioned bills.

The decisive vote is scheduled for Saturday, April 20. Meanwhile, the Pentagon announced its readiness to immediately begin delivering aid to Ukraine as soon as Congress approves the necessary bill.

The new package will likely include air defense and artillery assets.

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