13 June 2024, Thursday, 9:25
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'J:mors' Band Releases New Song In Belarusian Language

'J:mors' Band Releases New Song In Belarusian Language

It's called "Weapon".

The J:mors band has released a new song in Belarusian. It is called "Weapon".

"The further you are from home, the more you miss it, the more you feel a part of it. You look for yourself in the world, you find the whole world in yourself..... "Weapon" is a song of remembrance. No matter how hard it is, no matter how many obstacles you encounter along the way, no matter how dark life seems at times - hang in there, smile, go forward together with others like you. Try to change yourself by changing the world around you little by little. This is our weapon..." - writes the leader of the band Uladzimir Puhach.

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