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WSJ: Historic Vote On Aid To Ukraine Will Decide Johnson’s Fate

WSJ: Historic Vote On Aid To Ukraine Will Decide Johnson’s Fate

The US House of Representatives will consider the bills on April 20.

On Saturday, April 20, the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress will vote on bills on foreign assistance, including funding for Ukraine.

This was reported by CNN citing the statement of the Speaker of the House of Representatives of the U.S. Congress Mike Johnson.

Johnson said the vote would take place on Saturday night. In Ukraine, it will be the night of Sunday, April 21.

“The basic text will have some of our innovations regarding responsible financing. We talked a lot about the concept of a loan for Ukraine. Of course, this fragment will not go beyond. The general concept remains unchanged, where the funding will be directed. And you will see how the House will consider it,” Johnson said, broadcasting his speech in the telethon.

On April 16, Johnson said he would split the Allied Relief Bill into four separate parts. The House Speaker's proposal actually reflects a $95 billion aid bill voted by the Senate, but splits it into four parts.

In order for the bills to pass the vote on April 20, Johnson will need the votes of both Democrats and Republicans, writes The Wall Street Journal.

However, there is no word on immigration policy in the border bill. And if at first the Democrats wanted to dismiss Johnson, now the Republicans themselves insist on it.

Marjorie Taylor Green and Thomas Massey called on Johnson to leave office, but Johnson said he would not do so.

Johnson became more active after Iran launched a massive strike on Israel. The situation is also difficult in Ukraine, where Ukrainian defenders feel a shortage of ammunition.

With each new day, there are fewer missiles for air defence systems, and Kyiv is forced to prioritize: who or what to protect.

Opinion polls in the United States showed the following: supporters of the Republican Party believe that Washington has already done a lot for Ukraine, but at the same time it does not solve the issue of protecting its borders.

However, in the Republican Party itself, many politicians believe that assistance to Ukraine is necessary, since the Russian Federation can go far inland, so Saturday's vote will determine the fate of Speaker Johnson.

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