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Budanov Called Condition For Ending War In Ukraine

Budanov Called Condition For Ending War In Ukraine

A window of opportunity will appear.

GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence) Chief Kyrylo Budanov believes that the war in Ukraine will continue as long as the current regime rules Russia. He told The Washington Post about it.

He spoke cautiously about the forecasts for the war ending in Ukraine. In particular, the GUR Chief said that he "would not object" to the possible disintegration of Russia into small parts.

"In the dreams of Russians to occupy the whole of Ukraine, and in our dreams to hold a victory parade... in Moscow. In other words, any outcome is unlikely," Budanov said.

Also, the GUR Chief said that the war will continue as long as this regime rules Russia.

"This may change or not under the next regime, but the window of opportunity will appear," Budanov said.

The journalist also asked about the "Korean solution through negotiations." Budanov answered: "Do I want Ukraine to become North Korea?".

The GUR Chief also commented on the statements of the American politician Donald Trump that he could end the war in 24 hours.

“I have a lot of respect for Trump's personality. There were nine times in his life when he climbed to the top, fell to the very bottom of life and returned again. Even a person like him will not be able to solve this issue [ending the war] in one day," Budanov said.

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