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‘They're Getting Nervous In Russia’

‘They're Getting Nervous In Russia’

Budanov speaks about new explosions in Russia and the special operations of the Russian Volunteer Corps.

Special operations of the Russian Volunteer Corps will continue in Russia. Also, the GUR (Ukrainian Defence Intelligence) plans new drone attacks on the territory of the Russian Federation. GUR Chief Kyrylo Budanov said to The Washington Post.

"We proposed a plan aimed at reducing the Russian potential. It covers many aspects, for example, the military industry... critical military targets, their airfields, command and control centers," the GUR explained.

According to him, the main purpose of such actions is to show that Russian dictator Putin cannot protect his people from "the penetration of war into the territory of Russia."

"When you are sitting, for example, in St. Petersburg, and watching the war only on TV, you will always support it... But people get nervous when some object (attacked) near their house," Budanov said.

The GUR Chief stressed that Belgorod was shelled with Russian S-300 anti-aircraft missiles fired at Ukrainian drones, not the drones stroke the city. However, the traumatic effect on the population was the same.

"In fact, the damage caused by these [anti-aircraft] missiles is much greater than the damage that a drone can potentially cause," he said.

When asked whether Ukrainian attacks would continue inside Russia, Budanov replied that they would continue.

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