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Newsweek: Ukraine Just Crossed Putin's Nuclear Red Line

Newsweek: Ukraine Just Crossed Putin's Nuclear Red Line

What happened?

Ukraine's strike on the Russian military radar Container can be interpreted as crossing the nuclear "red line" of the Kremlin.

A week ago, on April 11, in the Russian village of Kovylkino in Mordovia, military base #84680 was hit by Ukrainian UAVs.

It is part of the nuclear deterrence system of the Russian Federation.

This is stated in an article by Newsweek.

The 590th separate radio engineering center of military base #84680 is located in Kovilkino. It is equipped with the over-the-horizon radar station 29B6 "Container". Its task is to detect missile launches at a distance of up to 3,000 km.

We are talking about a huge network of radars with a height of 34 m and a length of 1.3 km. It was this important military facility of the Russian Armed Forces that was attacked last week. The Kremlin and the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation kept silent about what had happened.

The truth about the incident leaked to the online media. "The drone attack on the Russian radar station is probably a crossing of one of Moscow's red lines in the matter of the potential use of nuclear weapons," Newsweek writes.

The article notes that the strike can be interpreted as a violation of one of the points of the updated nuclear doctrine of Moscow, signed by the dictator of the Russian Federation Vladimir Putin in 2020.

The document, in particular, states that the basis for a nuclear strike may be "the impact of the enemy on critical state or military facilities of the Russian Federation, the failure of which will lead to the disruption of the response actions of the nuclear forces" of Russia.

How badly the Container radar was damaged is unknown at the moment. This is a high-security facility, access to which is strictly limited.

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