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AFU Сolonel: Powerful Strike Destroys Russian Aviation In Crimea

AFU Сolonel: Powerful Strike Destroys Russian Aviation In Crimea

There could also be Zircones at the airbase in Dzhankoy.

On the night of March 16-17, there were powerful explosions at an airfield near Dzhankoy in Crimea. There was a Russian airbase there with a large number of helicopters and not only.

Military expert, AFU reserve colonel, flight instructor Roman Svitan said in a military review on "Channel 24" that in general the attack on Russian military facilities was powerful and combined.

Explosions in Dzhankoy

Svitan noted that when Ukraine received the first ATACMS missiles a powerful explosion visited the airfields of Lugansk, Melitopol and Berdyansk. Helicopters were based there, and some of them the Russians then transferred to Dzhankoy.

"There is a railway near the airfield in Dzhankoy, so the Russians also use it as a base for reloading various military ammunition, particularly missiles. By the way, the Zircones could have been at this airfield. A large-scale strike, the air defence did not work, there was not even a warning of a missile attack," the AFU reserve colonel noted.

Destruction of Powerful Radar

According to the military expert, the attack could have been preceded by the destruction of radars in Crimea and not only. In particular, the same night the Ukrainian Defence Forces managed to destroy the Nebo-U radar station, which kept under control an area with a radius of 600 to 700 kilometres.

"It depends on the radio horizon, altitudes. At altitudes up to 5 kilometres, it sees further. It is stations like this that detect aircraft in the air, missiles going after Russian military facilities. This is already the second station eliminated by the SSU, before that was the one near Berdyansk," said the pilot-instructor.

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