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Lukashenka's University Professor: They'll Deprive Farmers Of Their IDs Soon

Lukashenka's University Professor: They'll Deprive Farmers Of Their IDs Soon

There are no other opportunities to keep specialists.

Lukashenka held a meeting with farmers. The dictator was especially worried about the personnel. "No more than half of young specialists stay to work. That's a crime!" he accused the officials.

Why is agriculture losing talents? The Charter97.org website spoke on condition of anonymity with a professor of the Belarusian State Agricultural Academy — Lukashenka graduated this university:

— Let's speak about our academy. The whole Agroecology faculty was closed. There were huge shortages, which led to the fact that several specialities had to be closed. The admission score for the Agronomy is 90 points. There is no competition — one person per place. The quality of applicants — you can imagine what it is.

If we take the quality of jobs offered to graduates, many people run away from such work in the army or on maternity leave. I understand that if a person goes to the agricultural sector, he must imagine that this is specific and hard work, but some basic needs must be met.

When specialists are sent to work to some godforsaken villages, to which the truck comes once a week, what we are talking about.

— It turns out that a serious dropout is already at the level of applicants?

— Graduates do not see the point of associating themselves with agriculture. There is no money in this area, the prospects are zero. There is a percentage of children from rural areas who want to become agronomists or machine operators, but there are very few of them. Basically, they are those who did not have enough score to enroll as an engineer or a veterinarian, or who want to "defer" from the army. Think for yourself whether people will be willing to work in this area if they choose it on a residual basis.

— Yesterday, Lukashenka just said that personnel in agriculture are lost, including due to the fact that military service is enlisted in the period of working off. Should we wait for any changes?

– Quite possible. You need to understand that sometimes the army is a much more pleasant place than the collective farms, in which graduates have to work. Many are simply not ready to communicate and contact with agricultural enterprises, there are different people there. Such a young specialist comes to the collective farm, and there is drunkenness, they steal, some shortages, and you become a responsible person. Not everyone can stand it. In universities, they do not teach how to behave when your tractor drivers were swollen during the sowing season or all the diesel fuel was drained. In books, after all, only doses of fertilizers, chemicals, pests, but there are no solutions to life's problems.

And most importantly — salaries. After all, you can close your eyes to many things when a good amount comes to your account at the end of the month. But salaries in the agricultural sphere do not correspond in any way to labor and the conditions in which one has to work. After all, we have the lowest earnings in this area.

— Lukashenka instructed personnel to solve the problem with personnel. Will something come out of this venture?

— It will work if you return serfdom, which was abolished in 1861. I understand why we are now talking about problems with personnel. Deficits are one thing, and mistakes have become too costly. The mistakes of bad agronomists are expensive, but when we see these dead cattle, which were bought for a lot of money, it's hundreds of thousands of dollars.

That's ruined not only by ordinary workers of livestock complexes, but also by low-level veterinarians, bad livestock technicians, specialists who do not want to work. The quality of personnel is an even bigger problem than their shortage.

The power deficit will be solved quite simply — how in the USSR to take away IDs from workers of collective farms. This is what everything will come to, if you do not pour money into agriculture.

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