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‘Lukashenka Seems To Be Sending Signal For Help By Blurting Out Putin's Plans’

‘Lukashenka Seems To Be Sending Signal For Help By Blurting Out Putin's Plans’

The ruler understands that he does not have long.

Analyst Siarhei Chaly spoke about what was remarkable about Aliaksandr Lukashenka's recent trip to the Hrodna Region.

“The event in Hrodna was very strange by its nature,” says Siarhei Chaly on the “Night With Chaly” show. “This is not even a solemn event dedicated to the opening of a hospital, and not an event dedicated to the laying of the foundation stone of this hospital. This is the laying of a capsule with a message to descendants in the stone laid in the foundation of the future hospital,” Salidarnasc writes.

“The meaning of this message is not important, it is trivial. As they wrote, ‘We live a peaceful and happy life, but our heart hurts.’ I would like to say more: the paws hurt and the tail falls off.

It is much more important why this message was needed at all. Lukashenka motivates this with true intentions that future generations should see.

That is, he hopes that it will not be his actions that will be evaluated, but his motives. And that it is no longer possible to hope for the now-living people, so maybe someday descendants will understand and forgive him.

There is nothing unusual: Lukashenka, like all dictators, would like to be judged not by an ordinary court, but by the court of history, the court of eternity. But in this case, it is ridiculous that Lukashenka's onset of ‘eternity’ is suspiciously fast.

He says that the message to posterity is the embedded text and the hospital itself, which will be built. He was told that the hospital was planned to be built in 50 months, to which Lukashenka replied that it was long and gave a term of two years. As with ancient people, everything that was more than the number seven meant a lot, so there exist four years for Lukashenka and everything more is eternity.”

Chaly also notes that the ruler of Belarus has always wanted to go down in history as a person under whom our country would not be drawn into the war.

“But it turned out that he is less concerned about the real international legal status of the aggressor in the ongoing war than the war with NATO, which, according to him, will not happen.”

Chaly quoted Lukashenka when he addressed the Poles, Lithuanians and Latvians, explaining that they "are not going to attack in this territory" (the ruler was in the Ashmianski district then).

“That is, Lukashenka said that everyone should know that right now, it is them, it is here and it is with Putin that we will not attack. Moreover, he even explained how exactly he would not attack, and what kind of provocations at the border they would not respond to.

That is, he described how the war would take place and how it should not begin. He even drew a scenario of how NATO troops would not behave if he did not attack them after a provocation that would not happen.

This would be absolute stupidity, unless we assume that Lukashenka is in fact revealing and innocently leaking the plans of Putin, whom he specifically mentioned.

There is an incident of provocation at the border, and the reaction of the allies. Why is he doing this? Speaking out about Putin's plans, he actually gives a signal for help: save me, and at the same time yourself from this madman. As it turned out, he had no more illusions about the outcome of this war.”

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