27 May 2024, Monday, 5:37
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Key Results Of Iran's Attack On Israel

Key Results Of Iran's Attack On Israel

The Arab countries understand who their main enemy is.

The most encouraging result of today's night Iranian attack on Israel: we have more allies than we thought, writes the famous Israeli public figure and businessman Leonid Nevzlin in Telegram:

“Six months of war in Gaza almost convinced Israel that we are hated throughout the region and in many countries outside it. But when Iran sent drones and then missiles towards Israel, it turned out that not only the United States and Great Britain were firmly on our side, but also moderate Arab states. Jordan intercepted Iranian drones in its skies. Saudi Arabia has also reportedly contributed.

The countries of the region understand that their enemy is not Israel, and the Palestinian issue is not the main conflict in the Middle East. Iran threatens regional stability and uses terror as a means to achieve its goals. He used to attack Saudi Arabia, and now he's trying to destabilize the regime in Jordan. The ‘Abraham Accords’, which Saudi Arabia intended to become a part of, include a defence alliance directed against the Iranian threat.

Our Arab partners — official or not — understand that only together with Israel will they be able to confront the Axis of Evil.

These are the outlines of a new security architecture in the Middle East. Israel is a natural part of it.”

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