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Belarus Changes Procedure For Passing Technical Inspection

Belarus Changes Procedure For Passing Technical Inspection

What is the essence of the innovation?

The Ministry of transport and communications of Belarus has introduced an innovation in the procedure of technical inspection. Now drivers will have to fill out an "application for the issuance of permission to allow the vehicle to participate in road traffic". The form of this document was placed in the decree № 14 of the Ministry of Transport.

Thus, the application will ask to specify the surname, first name, patronymic of the "interested person", i.e. the person who brought the car for technical inspection, and his (the person's) identification number.

Then there is a block concerning the car itself. Here it will be necessary to specify the series and number of the vehicle registration certificate (technical passport) and "additional information" on the principle of "yes" or "no":

passenger car used for commercial passenger transport,

a bus or other vehicle designed and equipped for carrying passengers and having more than eight seats in addition to the driver's seat,

a vehicle used for training to drive another vehicle.

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