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Why Did Putin Urgently Summon Lukashenka?

Why Did Putin Urgently Summon Lukashenka?

Will there be a mobilization of troops in Belarus?

Aliaksandr Lukashenka went on a working visit to the Russian Federation on April 11, his Press Service reports. This visit was not previously announced.

Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Tsybulko told Charter97.org several versions of why the Belarusian dictator could be called down to Putin’s office :

– I will start from afar. First, Lavrov visited Beijing. Secondly, the date of the peace forum in Switzerland has finally appeared.

I think it was not a coincidence that the organizers announced the date of – June 16-17 – precisely during Lavrov's visit to Beijing, where the main intrigue was the participation of China.

In this sense, Russian propaganda began to shout that "the collective South will not go there", although, if you look, for example, even within the framework of this strange association of India, China, Brazil and Russia — BRICS — Brazil began a very good communication with France. Apparently, Macron somehow reasoned with the President of Brazil. By the way, it seems to me that the South African Republic has become more inclined to the Ukrainian peace formula. Therefore, the Kremlin began to shout that “no collective South will go there.” This indicates that a period of reformatting of the war ideas and foreign policy began in Russia.

It is clear that the Russian economy has received several such hard blows. We see that Moscow has already booked a batch of petroleum products in Kazakhstan. Especially important petroleum products, jet fuel and high-octane gasoline, now refineries cannot produce in the European part of the Russian Federation. Therefore, Lukashenka is needed to prepare petroleum reserves for sowing and the war, and, most likely, some components for Russian weapons are needed.

Another important point is that if there is a big mobilization in Russia, Lukashenka is unlikely to be able to get away from it. He will have to do something, the appearance of some kind of mobilization at home.

Putin is going to organize a big offensive in Ukraine for the summer, so, most likely, he will demand Lukashenka to move troops either to the border with Lithuania or Latvia or to the border with Ukraine. But Lukashenka is afraid to send troops to the border with Ukraine, in case of provocation, our troops will immediately strike, so he can announce mobilization in parallel with the Russian one being frightened.

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