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Transport ‘War’ In Full Swing: Belarusian Car Arrested In Lithuania

Transport ‘War’ In Full Swing: Belarusian Car Arrested In Lithuania

Vilnius imposed restrictions on cars that go to Belarus the day before.

Lithuanian customs reported that it is now applying stricter measures for the passage of cars and arrested the BMW on its way to Belarus for sale. This is indicated on the website of the customs service of the neighbouring country. Recall that on March 29, it became known that Lithuania, following Poland and Latvia, closed the border crossings with Belarus for cars with transit registration, engines of more than 1.9 liters, more than 50,000 euros price.

It is reported that employees of the Vilnius Territorial Customs arrested the BMW X1 car driven by a citizen of Belarus at the Šalčininkai border checkpoints. The cost of the car is 26,230 euros.

Lithuanian customs officials have previously established that Belarus transported cars registered in the European Union to third countries for commercial purposes. In this case, the vehicle was treated as a commodity. As a result, the Belarusian citizen was accused of committing an administrative offense. "Violators face a fine and car confiscation," the Lithuanian customs service said.

According to Charter97.org, special chats, and later the media outlets informed on the night of March 23 that Poland had suspended the passage of cars purchased from different European countries with an engine volume of more than 1.9 liters.

Following Poland, Latvia stopped letting cars with transit plates into Belarus.

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