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Dozens Of Belarusian Roads To Be Closed For Trucks

Dozens Of Belarusian Roads To Be Closed For Trucks

When and where do spring restrictions start?

Local administrations of two districts of the Mahiliou region of Belarus announced the introduction of traditional spring restrictions on some roads in the region. For a certain period, dozens of road sections will be inaccessible to heavy trucks, writes telegraf.news.

Thus, the decision to limit truck traffic on the region’s highways has already been announced by the authorities of the Hlusk and Horki districts. According to the decisions of local administrations, which were recently published on the National Legal Internet Portal, the bans will affect trucks with a single axle load exceeding 5 tons.

Such vehicles will not be able to travel on local public roads with asphalt concrete pavement from March 15 to April 30.

The documents indicate that spring restrictions will not affect the following types of transport:

• vehicles, self-propelled vehicles carrying passengers, live animals, humanitarian aid, road bitumen, concrete and asphalt mixtures, dangerous goods, grain, feed, rapeseed, seed stock, milk and dairy products, mail and postal cargo of RUE “Belpochta”, as well as goods transported in isothermal vans, refrigerators and tanks, the safety of which requires compliance with special temperature and sanitary conditions;

• vehicles transporting animal waste for disposal and (or) processing;

• vehicles, self-propelled machines carrying out activities for the maintenance, repair and development (construction, reconstruction) of public roads;

• vehicles, self-propelled machines carrying out transportation related to the elimination of emergency situations and the consequences of road accidents.

In the Hlusk region, spring restrictions were introduced on the following sections of roads:

In the Horki district, spring restrictions will affect the following areas:

The same local documents also establish the terms of similar restrictions for trucks for the summer period. In this case, driving on certain local roads will be prohibited from 11:00 to 20:00 when the air temperature is above 25°C. Summer restrictions will apply:

• in the Horki district — from May 31 to August 31,

• in the Hlusk region — from May 25 to August 31.

We note that similar restrictions will most likely be introduced in other regions of Belarus. Last year, restrictions were not introduced only in the Hrodna region; in the rest, bans for heavy trucks were in effect from March 20 and were completely lifted only on April 20.

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