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'Lukashenka Fears For His Life'

'Lukashenka Fears For His Life'

Is the Kremlin no longer willing to help?

Recent statements suggest that Belarusian dictator Lukashenka fears for his life. Russian opposition journalist Igor Yakovenko told Channel 24 that Kremlin leader Vladimir Putin will not always be able to protect Lukashenka.

"Putin's regime is not eternal, and Lukashenka will have to defend his power, especially in circumstances where Putin will not be able to help him. No wonder Lukashenka is panicking and fearing for his life," says Igor Yakovenko.

There are still about a thousand PMC Wagner mercenaries in Belarus. The official version is that the remaining Wagner fighters are instructors for the Belarusian army.

"However, one can assume that the Wagner fighters are stationed as possible saboteurs," says Yakovenko.

The journalist denies the possibility of a major and direct war between Russia and Europe because the entire Russian army is concentrated on the battlefield in Ukraine. At the same time, separate sabotage units may exist and perform certain tasks.

" Wagner fighters can be used to destabilise the situation, arrange provocations and individual attacks, for example on the territory of Poland or Lithuania," Yakovenko stressed.

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