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Russian Occupier Shocked By What He Saw In Avdiivka

Russian Occupier Shocked By What He Saw In Avdiivka

The invader was afraid to move.

The Russian occupiers were horrified by what they turned Avdiivka into. One of them filmed on his mobile phone a destroyed city without people, which was turned into scorched earth.

The video was published by Ukrainian journalist and blogger Denys Kazansky on his Telegram channel.

In the video, he is afraid to move freely, stating that there are a large number of mines and unexploded shells in the city.

“This is a disaster,” he says gloomily, looking around the area.

Moreover, the occupier admits that the Russian army is waging war and purposefully turning Ukrainian cities into ruins. According to him, otherwise the same fate allegedly awaits Russia.

“There was an ordinary, peaceful Ukrainian city, but the Russian world came and it became a disaster. Russia brought destruction and death,” Kazansky comments on the video.

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