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Mongolian Ex-President Ridicules Heavily Drinking Zakharova

Mongolian Ex-President Ridicules Heavily Drinking Zakharova

Alcohol affected her mind.

Former Mongolian President Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said that “a lady” from the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs responded to a post on social network X in which he ridiculed Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interview with journalist Tucker Carlson. He said this on the air of the “Vozdukh” show.

“You know, history doesn’t lie. But Putin is lying. That's why I made fun of it using our old Mongolian map. I didn’t expect it to cause such a big stir,” Elbegdorj said.

According to the politician, the popularity of his post showed that he is not the only one who considers it insane to use history to justify an armed invasion of the territory of a neighboring independent country.

When asked whether there was an official reaction from the Russian Federation, Elbegdorj replied that there was only one reaction from “a lady” from the Russian Foreign Ministry (Maria Zakharova — edit.).

However, he noted that he still did not understand what exactly she was saying.

“I think heavy drinking really affects a person's mind. Perhaps the alcohol affected her mind,” he suggested.

Tsakhiagiin Elbegdorj said he was told that participants on various Russian talk shows were also freaking out because of his post.

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