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Ukrainian Armed Forces Recaptured Positions Near Avdiivka, Taking Prisoner A Group Of Russians

Ukrainian Armed Forces Recaptured Positions Near Avdiivka, Taking Prisoner A Group Of Russians

The situation on this sector of the front has changed.

The Ukrainian armed forces recaptured several positions in the Avdiivka and Maryinka directions. In addition, Ukrainian fighters captured more than ten Russian soldiers.

This was announced by the speaker of the operational-strategic group of troops “Tavria” Dmytro Lykhovy.

He noted that now the hottest spot is the Maryinka direction. During the day, the invaders, with the support of aviation, tried 31 times to break through the defenses of Ukrainian fighters in the areas of the settlements of Novomykhailivka and Peremoha, Donetsk region.

It is also hot in the Avdiivka direction, where on February 21, the Ukrainian Armed Forces repelled seven attacks by the Russian Armed Forces in the areas of the villages of Orlivka, Sieverne, Pershomaiske and Nevelske. In general, the Maryinka and Avdiivka directions account for the largest number of air, artillery and kamikaze drone attacks.

“In both the Avdiivka and Maryinka directions, our fighters restored several positions yesterday, and it was in the Avdiivka direction that more than a dozen Russian occupiers surrendered to our military or were captured,” he said.

Dmytro Lykhovy said that during the four months of operations in Avdiivka, the total losses of the Russian Armed Forces amounted to more than 47 thousand military personnel. After such losses, a regrouping is needed, but the enemy has certain reserves. The invaders are bringing up new reserves and are trying to attack with the support of aviation in the direction of Lastochkino and neighboring settlements.

But the Armed Forces of Ukraine are strengthening their layered defense, reinforcing themselves with additional units, and creating new firing positions. According to Lykhovy, difficult battles are taking place. Ukrainian fighters are restoring their positions, the Russians are captured, which indicates the presence of a close military clash.

He added that the occupiers are trying to attack, but do not have enough resources for this, but despite this, the occupiers are using “different” troops than those who participated in the attack on Avdiivka.

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