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Four Scenarios Of Overthrowing Lukashenka Named

Four Scenarios Of Overthrowing Lukashenka Named

One of them is a coup by security forces.

What scenarios of overthrowing Lukashenka are possible in the foreseeable future? This is the question Charter97.org asked a political expert, head of the Ukrainian Centre for Military and Legal Studies Oleksandr Musienko:

- I see four scenarios. The first one is that at some point he may leave on his own. The second one is a possible coup of the security forces if Lukashenka suddenly returns to the topic of participation of Belarusian troops in the war against Ukraine. The third one - the society should never be underestimated. There have been protests in Belarus more than once. They can be repeated and lead to a change of power.

The fourth is the removal and arrest of Lukashenka by corrupt and RF-oriented law enforcers. This may happen when the Kremlin feels that Lukashenka wants to betray it.

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