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Andrei Sannikov

There is a powerful remedy against Lukashenka's scandalous decree on passports.

Lots of "What to do?" questions.

I'll try to explain.

First: Lukashenka’s decree is a direct consequence of the Tsikhanuskaia and scammers like her. They are fooling Belarusians with their fake passports.

Second: Lukashenka's decree is illegal under both domestic law and international laws. It is important to understand and take into account in order to fight the new lawlessness.

Third: citizens of Belarus who are legally abroad can apply to the authorities of the host country to protect their rights.

Based on this, you should act (of course, if you want to protect yourself and your loved ones).

Firstly, it's time to stop being naive and hope for a miracle, especially if these hopes are associated with Tsikhanuskaia and those like her. In my opinion, the situation with passports once again shows the synchronous work of the dictator's regime and the impostors. Or rather, not that synchronous. They frankly work for the dictatorship and its strengthening. Their active participation made political prisoners’ lives a real hell and Belarus became a concentration camp. Belarusians abroad are consistently deprived of all rights and become outcasts thanks to them.

You should also not rely on the "laws" of the regime. In other words, it is pointless to seek justice in the bodies which had an order: "It’s not up to laws."

Of course, you should not take risks and go to Belarus for a passport or a “paper”. It may happen that you won't get a passport and or your “paper” (I am 100% sure that they launch a special bullying and delays program for those who come for documents from abroad), but they will put you in jail for a long time.

What to do?

I have already mentioned that this latest dictatorial decree violates not only domestic but also international law. The self-confident rabble don't care about domestic law, but their attitude to international law is different.

No matter how much the collective farm illiterates boast, they cannot bypass international law. You just need to learn how to use it (I repeat again: for those who want and are ready).

There is a good word in the diplomatic dictionary that I really like: reprisals. These are LEGAL coercive measures of a political, property, economic nature, etc., which are carried by one state in response to UNLAWFUL acts of another state.

The collective farm decree on passports will affect not only the interests of Belarusian citizens but also the interests of citizens of other states, including foreign states, their businesses, family ties and so on and so forth.

There are not only "diplomatic missions" of the Lukashenka regime abroad, but also various businesses, real estate, including membership in international organizations.

The widest field for reprisals!

It’s necessary to seek retaliatory measures in response to the "passport decree" in the host states, lobbying for appropriate measures there.

For example, it is worth demanding the closure of all Belarusian embassies and the expulsion of all their employees, for whom returning to their homeland is a nightmare.

To close, or rather turn to the benefit of the respective state Lukashenka's businesses abroad. Finally, expel Lukashenka's agents, about whom the special services of the countries where the Belarusians are today are well aware.

This ridiculous decree, if desired, can be made a very effective tool against the dictatorship.

You just need to stop relying on impostors, make a little effort yourself - and it will work!

Andrei Sannikov, Facebook

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