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Deadlock Situation For Moscow

Deadlock Situation For Moscow

It’s not only China that the Kremlin has become a vassal of.

The events of the “24-hour war” or, in the interpretation of the Azerbaijani side, “anti-terrorism measures of a local nature” actually put an end to the inglorious history of the so-called Nagorno-Karabakh Republic. This unrecognized entity has existed since 1991, when the Kremlin’s attempt, with the help of the Karabakh clan, to undermine the territorial integrity of Azerbaijan and stop the development of the country by militarily fueling the hotbed of separatism, suffered a complete failure. Moscow and its puppets have been defeated, and Azerbaijan is dictating its terms accordingly.

According to the agreements reached between Baku and the leaders of the “NKR”, in exchange for a ceasefire on the part of the Azerbaijani Armed Forces, there will be a complete disarmament of the Karabakh paramilitary forces and the withdrawal of heavy equipment from the territory of the enclave. On September 21, in the city of Yevlakh there will be a discussion of issues of reintegration, ensuring the rights and security of the Armenians of Nagorno-Karabakh, as well as issues of ensuring the livelihoods of the population of Nagorno-Karabakh within the framework of the Azerbaijani constitution. Armenia declares the absence of its military on the territory of Karabakh, in other words, it has completely avoided this problem, recognizing the absence of constructiveness of its course towards further confrontation with Azerbaijan and Turkey.

In the coming hours, Azerbaijani flags will be raised over all settlements of Karabakh. For President Ilham Aliyev, this is an incredible military-political success. His people's dream of territorial integrity came true. At the same time, the return of control over the territory occurred according to the Croatian scenario, when the Croatian Armed Forces liquidated the self-proclaimed Serbian Krajina in three days.

If we talk about Armenia, then for the country in the current conditions, investing financial, economic and human resources in the Karabakh black hole is death-like. But the country can expect shocks due to attempts by the Karabakh people to seize power in Yerevan. Thus, the current protest activity in Armenia is associated with calls that can be characterized as an attempt by Moscow, through the hands of Tevanyan and the Mother Armenia bloc, to overthrow Pashinyan’s government. The GRU is covering all this up with provocations near the Russian Embassy that are decorative in nature.

Although the Kremlin’s henchmen want to turn the crisis around as a situation in which the Russian Federation won, because it did not get involved in a new war in Karabakh, Moscow finally treacherously lost Armenia. This is an obvious verdict on all CSTO structures, which are unable to provide even minimal assistance to the participating countries, and therefore Armenia will almost definitely leave the dead Russian organization. This is a powerful negative signal for Belarus and Kazakhstan, who see how weak Russia is. The war against Ukraine puts an end to Putin’s regional geopolitical ambitions. He previously criticized Yeltsin for his foreign policy weaknesses, but it is Putin's rule that is characterized by the complete collapse of Russian influence even in his immediate circle. The war against Ukraine has demonstrated the weakness of the entire power machine named after Putin. Russia is not capable of fighting even one war...

The lesson of Karabakh is critical not only for the CSTO, but also for the flawed “self-proclaimed republics” in Moldova, Georgia and Ukraine. Having handed over the leaders of the “NKR” with its giblets, Moscow has lost loyalty in the leadership of similar malignant formations. This picture reveals the seriousness of the problems in the Russian management environment, and no one knows what will be the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Turkey is very actively taking advantage of the situation, it has realized its ambitions in the region by almost 100%. In fact, the task of consolidating the Turkic world under the control of Ankara is nearing full implementation, and this means Russia’s complete dependence on the Turks in terms of access to the countries of the Global South through the Azerbaijani corridor. For Moscow, the situation is a deadlock, because now it is not only a vassal of China, but also dependent on the Turkish mood. This is what relegation from the major league of geopolitics looks like.

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