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Uladzimir Arlou Turns 70 Years Old

Uladzimir Arlou Turns 70 Years Old

The famous Belarusian writer celebrates his anniversary today.

Famous Belarusian writer Uladzimir Arlou turns 70 today.

Uladzimir Arlou was born in Polatsk on August 25, 1953. His writing experience totals almost 50 years.

Uladzimir Arlou graduated from the Faculty of History of the Belarusian State University (1975). For some time he worked as a history teacher, then in the editorial office of the Navapolatsk newspaper of "Khimik" - as a correspondent, head of department, deputy editor. In 1988-1997. - as an editor of the "Mastatskaya Litaratura" publishing house.

He published his first works in the self-published anthologies "Blue Lantern" and "Milavitsa". His first book - "Good Day, My Thorn" - was published in 1986. Then there were "The Day the Arrow Fell" (1988), "The Illuminator of the Usiaslau Family" (1989), "There, Behind the Door" (1991), "A Date on Manoeuvres" (1992).

Then there were dozens of books, some of which became iconic, such as "The Country of Belarus: An Illustrated History," "Homeland," "Names of Freedom," and others. And his essay "Independence is..." written in 1990 became a manual.

Only for the last year seven books of the writer were published.

Uladzimir Arlou is the winner of numerous awards, including the Uladzimir Karatkevich Publishing Award (1993), the Frantsishak Bahushevich Literary Award (1996), the Hliniany Viales Award (1998), the Boris Keith Award (Germany, 2004), Zalataya Litara Prize (2006), European Poet of Freedom International Prize (Poland, 2010), Ales Adamovich Literary Prize (2016), Tsiotka Prize (2017), Jerzy Giedroyc Literary Award (2018).

The editorial staff of Charter97.org congratulates Uladzimir Arlou on his anniversary!

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