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Media: Russians Lose Rare Penicillin in Ukraine

Media: Russians Lose Rare Penicillin in Ukraine

Occupants claimed the complex was effective against HIMARS.

In the war in Ukraine, the so-called "second world army" may have lost a rare Penicillin complex for the first time. The Russians have been publicising the technique since October 2022.

This was reported by Defense Express.

One of the obituaries of the Russian military revealed the loss of the equipment. It says about the death of Nikolay Kuznetsov, who "was performing tasks on the sonic reconnaissance complex "Penicillin".

What is known about the rare Penicillin

Thus, one launched production of Penicillin in 2020. The first samples reached the "second army of the world" in 2021. It is known that there is a small number of such systems in service in Russia.

Propagandists said that the Penicillin system was allegedly "analogue-free". They declared "effectiveness" against western artillery systems as well as against HIMARS.

Penicillin is an artillery reconnaissance complex that is supposed to detect barrel and rocket artillery positions, as well as anti-aircraft and tactical missiles. Terrorists say the system can find positions of enemy artillery systems at a range of up to 25 kilometres. The system is also capable of adjusting the fire of a single battery as well as that of each battalion's battery in turn.

A serious advantage of the enemy's system is the absence of demassing factors in its operation. This is due to the fact that all the main components of the system work only for reception, and therefore the complex is difficult to detect by EWR means or to suppress by EWR.

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