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British Intelligence: AFU Penetrated First Line Of Russian Defences

British Intelligence: AFU Penetrated First Line Of Russian Defences

The RF troops are withdrawing, suffering heavy losses due to their own minefields.

In the last two days significant Ukrainian operations have been taking place in several sectors of eastern and southern Ukraine.

This is stated in the report of the British Intelligence.

“In some areas, Ukrainian forces have likely made good progress and penetrated the first line of Russian defences. In others, Ukrainian progress has been slower,” the British analysts report.

The British intelligence stresses that the Russian performance has been mixed: some units are likely conducting credible manoeuvre defence operations while others have pulled back in some disorder, amid increased reports of Russian casualties as they withdraw through their own minefields.

“The Russian Airforce has been unusually active over southern Ukraine, where the airspace is more permissive for Russia than in other parts of the country. However, it remains unclear whether tactical airstrikes have been effective,” the analysts note.

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