5 December 2023, Tuesday, 17:41
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‘Car Sharply Changed Its Course Towards Belarus And Rammed Barrier’

‘Car Sharply Changed Its Course Towards Belarus And Rammed Barrier’

There are details about the incident with a Russian who rammed the border.

The Charter97.org website reported, on the morning of May 30, a Russian citizen in a BMW X5 rammed a barrier at the Polish Terespol Border Crossing, he intended to enter Belarus. The foreigner was detained, and his family managed to run to the Belarusian border guards.

At about 08:30 from the Polish guards at the Terespol checkpoint, a Russian rammed a barrier. According to witnesses, the Polish border guards put a strip with spikes on the way to his car. The intruder was stopped thanks to this.

“He punctured the wheels in the middle of the bridge and got stuck behind the bus. His wife and three children fled to Belarus. The border guards arrived in two cars and handcuffed him. It's also tense on the Belarusian side,” the GranicaBYPL chat reported.

Traffic at the only checkpoint on the Polish-Belarusian border is difficult. The border departments of Poland and Belarus do not comment on the situation at the border.

Later, the Polish media reported the details of the incident.

The RMF24 news publisher confirmed the fact of the incident. According to correspondents, in the morning a BMW car with Swedish registration numbers drove up to the border guards. A man, a woman and a child with Russian passports and two children with Swedish passports were travelling together in the car.

The border guard took their documents for verification - and the car drove sharply towards Belarus, ramming through the barrier. The Polish border guards arrested the man who was driving the car.

The woman and three children managed to cross the border. It is reported that two children with Swedish passports, who were transported by the Russians, were forbidden to leave the territory of Sweden.

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