5 December 2023, Tuesday, 18:40
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Russia Attacks Kyiv With Drones: Residential Buildings On Fire

Russia Attacks Kyiv With Drones: Residential Buildings On Fire

There are fatalities and casualties.

Russia's occupying forces attacked Kyiv on the night of Tuesday, 30 May. There were explosions in the Ukrainian capital and air defence forces were at work. Unfortunately, the fallen UAV wreckage resulted in one death and casualties.

Preliminary data suggests that more than 20 drones were destroyed by air defence forces and air defence assets in Kyiv's airspace. This attack on the city, the 17th since the beginning of the month, began around 02:30, obozrevatel.com reports.

First, the KOVA Telegram channel warned of enemy drone movements. Air defence forces were working on the targets. People were urged to observe information hygiene - not to take pictures or film the work of our defenders. The KMBA also noted that air defence was working in the capital.

Kyiv mayor Vitaliy Klitschko wrote after the blasts started that all emergency services were dispatched to the capital's Podilsky and Holosiyivsky districts. In the latter, a 27-year-old woman was injured in the attack and hospitalized.

The debris in a multi-storey apartment building in Holosiyivsky district also caused damage to windows and doors in several flats. Klitschko added that a fire broke out in the apartment building. Paramedics and rescuers were working at the scene.

"Residents are evacuating from the apartment building in the Holosiyivsky district. One victim has been found," the Kyiv mayor said.

Rescuers evacuated 20 people from the building, Klitschko said. One person died. One elderly woman was hospitalized by paramedics, while two other victims were treated at the scene.

KMBA added that the two upper floors of the apartment building were destroyed, with people possibly remaining under the rubble.

Wreckage from an enemy UAV also fell in the Podilsky district. Klitschko reported a fire in an apartment building.

Later it became known that a private house caught fire because of the UAV debris falling in Darnytsky district.

"Falling debris has hit a private house. Emergency units are on their way to the site. The damage and the injured are being clarified," the KMVA said.

Three vehicles caught fire in Kyiv's Pechersky district as a result of the falling debris, Klitschko wrote.

Also, according to the KMVA, the debris fell in Dniprovsky district of the capital, not in a residential area.

In Svyatoshynsky district, the debris tentatively fell on the territory of one of the enterprises.

The head of the Ukrainian presidential office, Andriy Yermak, once again urged Ukrainians not to film or post on the net the work of Ukrainian defenders.

In the morning, the head of the Kyiv city military administration, Serhiy Popko, said that the air alert in the capital and the region lasted about three hours, during which time the military of the aggressor country sent UAV strikes in several waves and from different directions. More than 20 drones were destroyed in Kyiv's airspace.

He assured that the relevant emergency services were working at all sites. Operational data on casualties and destruction is updated.

The Suspilne newspaper published several images of the consequences. It is noted that no one else was found under the rubble in an apartment building in the Holosiyivsky district.

According to media reports, a woman in her 30s died there. Rescuers found her in a flat on the 20th floor. She died in the ambulance. Her husband was also injured and is in hospital.

As of 07:30, rescuers have completed their work in the apartment building. Law enforcers, on the other hand, continued to take reports about the damaged property.

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