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Political Scientist On Polish General’s Statement: Belarusians Are To Get Ready, Big Changes Are Coming

Political Scientist On Polish General’s Statement: Belarusians Are To Get Ready, Big Changes Are Coming

Ukraine will support forces that will change power in Belarus.

Former Deputy Minister of National Defense General Waldemar Skrzypczak said that Poland is preparing for an armed uprising in Belarus and participation in its military support.

“If the Ukrainian counteroffensive will be successful, then those armed Belarusians who are part of the combat potential of the Ukrainian army will not lay down their arms. They will go to Belarus. I hope that this will cause an uprising in Belarus, Lukashenka is afraid of this,” the general said.

Is Ukraine ready for such a scenario? The website Charter97.org asked Ukrainian political scientist and expert of the Center for Belarusian Communications Maksim Pleshko.

– This is a rather provocative statement, but you need to understand that Waldemar Skrzypczak is no longer a military man, he acts as a politician. Poland is actively working on Belarus after the Lukashenka regime organized all these migration crises. Ukraine began to work actively only six months ago and is now forming some kind of its own vision. Poland has already formed this vision. Obviously, the general says what the officials cannot say, and he allows talk like that as a former military. Obviously, they are working on such plans.

However, one more thing surprised me: if you are preparing an uprising, then it is better not to talk about it.

If we are talking about Ukraine, then we are interested in having a free, democratic Belarus with a national consciousness on our northern border, to be able to build the Baltic-Black Sea Union and the GDL 2.0 [The Grand Duchy of Lithuania - Ed.], and then the Kingdom of Poland and the Grand Duchy of Lithuania.

What is Ukraine doing in this matter? The Belarusians are the majority of all the legionnaires who are fighting in Ukraine. The Kalinovsky Regiment is clearly defined as a national regiment. This is a highly qualified combat unit, which has repeatedly stated that if the need arises, they will be ready to fight for the freedom of Belarus.

Ukraine as a state, in my opinion, will not interfere anywhere or start aggression. However, Ukraine will help the forces that will be changing power in Belarus. No one will forget Bucha and Irpin. I am from Irpin, three of my friends died, the Russians shot them dead. No one will forgive the missiles launched from Belarus. Therefore, Lukashenka can jump from chair to chair, but it is clear that his time is running out. Therefore, Ukraine will help the Belarusian forces.

Here I want to emphasize that the fate of Belarus is in the hands of the Belarusian people. Ukraine and the entire civilized world will help Belarusians, but Belarusians must do their job themselves.

– Just a few days ago, Russian volunteers entered the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation. Can a similar scenario be implemented in Belarus?

– I'll tell you more, it so happened that the Ukrainian villages on the border with the Belgorod region of the Russian Federation, from where the volunteers came, are called Oleksandrivka and Lukashyvka. It is clear that Lukashenka tries all this on himself and he is scared. It is clear that all these militias that he forms are signs of fear. We see that there is a well-established pattern. I think that a lot of interesting events are coming.

I would like to appeal to the Belarusians who will join these territorial defense troops. I hope that Belarusians are a people who understand their national interests. If they forced you to join such troops, then you need to join, take weapons, study and, at the right time, turn them against Russian troops and internal occupiers to support Belarusian volunteers.

The soldiers of the Kalinovsky Regiment are real heroes. If we compare the Belarusian volunteers and those who are given weapons today in these militias, then the Kalinovites know how to fight in a modern way. I would say that they are special action infantry, they know how to fight with the help of drones and heavy weapons seized from the Russians. They are valuable and they operate very skillfully. I think that several thousand Belarusian volunteers can "make the weather" in Belarus.

However, I would like to note once again that there will be no results without the participation of large masses of the Belarusian people. The Kalinovites can become organizers. They are passionaries in scientific terms. Passionaries are those who ignite and inspire. But there should be ordinary Belarusians, the Belarusian people. Therefore, I’d like to appeal to the Belarusians taking advantage of your publication: “Get ready, big changes are coming, you will have to join.”

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